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Lion Engraved Brass Armillary Sphere World Globe - Decor Item 18 Inches Large
Buy: $218.45 CAD
11" Antique Brass Armillary Sphere With Arrow Nautical Maritime Engraved Globe
Buy: $133.82 CAD
B & Co. Antique Nautical Brass 13 Inches Terrestrial World Globe & map Nautical
Buy: $79.75 CAD
Antique Line Route Map North Sea Major Ports Nautical Maritime 1915
Buy: $202.76 CAD
Vintage set 12 Maps France regions original Shell Cartoguides Berre roads Map
Buy: $175.72 CAD
1880ca - Anonimous Pocket globe miniature 3.2cm. in  box
Buy: $1622.04 CAD
Original antique map engraving of Africa by Sanson from 1738
Buy: $81.10 CAD
Antique Map-WORLD-HEMISPHERE-USA-Van Meurs-1720
Buy: $3102.15 CAD
Antique Vintage Zodiac Armillary Brass Sphere Globe Astrology chirstmas
Buy: $39.98 CAD
Tokyo Osaka Kyoto Metro Subway JR Map Set PASMO Suica English Sightseeing Japan
Buy: $17.56 CAD
COMPLETE Original 1875  "Mitchell's New General Atlas" of the World. Colour Maps
Buy: $946.99 CAD
SHANGHAI & CHINA Japanese Antique Map 1932 Incident Concessions View Photo b559
Buy: $675.85 CAD
Drawing Topographical Map of Europe w Mountain Ranges Van Loon Minimalist Art
Buy: $20.00 CAD
Globe World Tripod Map Stand Nautical Wooden Table Antique Decor Vintage Atlas
Buy: $134.16 CAD
Antique Brass Engraved Armillary 12'' Tabletop Nautical Sphere World Armillary
Buy: $167.61 CAD
Antique Finish Nautical Brass Armillary Sphere Arrow Globe Planet Brown Metal
Buy: $109.22 CAD
Cork Wood Rotating Globe Maps Home Office Decoration World Map Geography Map PLM
Buy: $43.19 CAD
Mini Map Boot of Italy w Mountains  Hendrick Van Loon Minimalist Art Drawing
Buy: $20.00 CAD
Original antique map engraving of South America Brazil by Sanson from 1738
Buy: $81.10 CAD
23CM World Globe Country Region Map Geography School Teaching Educational Kids
Buy: $21.43 CAD
Vintage Brass Astrolabe Working Armillary Engrave Sphere Globe With Wooden Base
Buy: $49.55 CAD
World globe black sea globe 8 inch wooden base black map atlas kids education
Buy: $117.30 CAD
Antique Map-ITALY-BARI-Hondius-Janssonius-1636
Buy: $604.89 CAD
Japanese Woodblock Print Old Large Map Japan overall view 1864 / Ukiyo-e Ukiyoe
Buy: $138.06 CAD
Mapa de Barcelona Majestic Hotel Inglaterra Barcelona 1930's Brochure & City Map
Buy: $35.00 CAD
Saudi Arabia Vintage Road Map Folded Brochure - Raree
Buy: $47.31 CAD
Buy: $168.89 CAD
Antique Map of Greece by Ortelius (c.1609)
Buy: $1511.27 CAD
Antique Brass Terrestrial World Globe & Map Nautical Desktop Unique 13 Inches
Buy: $162.20 CAD
Globe World Map Wooden Tripod Stand Antique Nautical Table Ornament Office New
Buy: $131.07 CAD
Nautical Solid Brass Armillary Tabletop Marine Sphere World Globe Vintage World
Buy: $110.04 CAD
Antique Nautical World Map Table GLOBE ORNAMENT With Wooden Tripod Stand
Buy: $110.84 CAD
Antique Map-France with provinces-Auvergne-Brittany-Normandy-Robbe-De Fer-1721
Buy: $337.25 CAD
Antique Map of Egypt and the Nile River (c.1720)
Buy: $1034.02 CAD
Antique Map of Egypt by Sanson (c.1660)
Buy: $174.88 CAD
Antique Map-Plan of the citadel of Kortrijk-COURTRAI-BELGIUM-Beaulieu-1667
Buy: $145.31 CAD
Cottagecore Map of North America Vintage Pulldown Wallchart Poster
Buy: $202.76 CAD
Plymouth and Duxbury, Massachusetts....Antique  Map, Plan..1892
Buy: $20.28 CAD
World globe earth map vintage style armillary table top geographic world map
Buy: $250.06 CAD
Brass World Map Globe Nautical Marine Sphere Globe Home & Office Table Top Decor
Buy: $99.93 CAD
1855 1st COLTON Atlas Color Map TURKEY Mesopotamia Asia Minor Cyprus 14x17in
Buy: $120.44 CAD
Virginia City, Nevada....Antique  Map, Plan..1892
Buy: $20.28 CAD
Nautical Armillary Sphere Arrow Maritime Astrolabe Globe Art Deco
Buy: $82.00 CAD
*Vintage* Metro Autobus Plan RER Paris France 1980-1989 Collectable Pocket map
Buy: $13.45 CAD
Antique Map of Schiermonnikoog by Kuyper (1868)
Buy: $184.21 CAD
Antique Map of the World by Stoopendaal (c.1714)
Buy: $2926.28 CAD
Antique Map of Friesland by Ortelius (1603)
Buy: $461.34 CAD
1831ca Newton pocket terrestrial globe
Buy: $12030.13 CAD
Port Huron and Sarnia, Michigan....Antique  Map, Plan..1890
Buy: $20.28 CAD
1891 - Barcelona plan Map - Original (no copy)  - Perfect condition
Buy: $405.51 CAD
2 Du Val scarce Maps 1666 Voyage De Beryte to Asia, Siam Ayutthaya India China
Buy: $1350.35 CAD
Buy: $262.91 CAD
Konigsberg city map 1930s 25x23" Ostpreussen East Prussia Kaliningrad pre-WW2
Buy: $135.10 CAD
Antique 12" Brass Armillary Nautical Sphere Maritime With Arrow Globe Christmas
Buy: $80.83 CAD
1860ca - Porcelain (or opal glass) terrestrial globe used as a box - Very rare
Buy: $1284.12 CAD
Antique Map-CARRIBBEAN-Antilles Islands-Leeward Islands-Margarita-Bonne-1780
Buy: $303.46 CAD
World Globe Earth Map Rotating Geography Ocean Classroom Learning Desktop School
Buy: $18.91 CAD
23CM World Globe Country Region Map Geography School Teaching Educational Kids
Buy: $21.52 CAD
Buy: $361.58 CAD
Portland, Oregon....Antique  Map, Plan..1892
Buy: $20.28 CAD
Antique Print-SEA CHART-BALTIC-SWEDEN-LATVIA-ESTONIA-Depot de la Marine-1815
Buy: $1019.86 CAD
Disney RAND MCNALLY Globe 1960s
Buy: $343.33 CAD
B & Co. Antique Nautical Brass 13 Inches Terrestrial World Globe & map Nautical
Buy: $114.89 CAD
SHANGHAI Japanese Antique Map International & French Concessions China 1937 b557
Buy: $473.10 CAD
Antique Map of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia by Scherer (1699)
Buy: $763.59 CAD
Map of North America Vintage Mural Rollable Wall Chart Poster
Buy: $278.44 CAD
Germany Vintage School Map Pull-Down Wall Chart Poster
Buy: $278.44 CAD
Chonha Chido Map - Giclée  Illford Excellent Media  size:50 x44.inches  New
Buy: $602.78 CAD
Large Province of Ontario Geological Map-Ontario Dept.Mines 48"X 40" VG No.1958B
Buy: $24.99 CAD
Buy: $310.89 CAD
Antique Map of the Mongol Empire by Sanson (c.1685)
Buy: $509.06 CAD
Educational Globe for Students Big Size 8 inch ( ENGLISH) with Monuments
Buy: $39.74 CAD
✪AU Plug Magnetic Levitation Globe E Shaped Floating Decoration Ornament
Buy: $51.94 CAD
Rare Antique Map-AFRICA-EGYPT-PYRAMIDS-SPHINX-NILE-Pieter van der Aa-1725
Buy: $537.30 CAD
2 Antique Maps-Celestial charts with the zodiac-Astronomy-Le Bas-Pluche-ca. 1750
Buy: $537.30 CAD
Buy: $131.79 CAD
Buy: $148.01 CAD
Mobile, Alabama ....Antique  Map, Plan..1892
Buy: $20.28 CAD
Antique Map of the Hesse Region of Germany by Blaeu (1665)
Buy: $339.64 CAD
Buy: $287.24 CAD
Antique Map-Spain and Portugal with provinces-Algarve-Catalonia-De Fer-1721
Buy: $337.25 CAD
Original antique map of Mexico city from 1754 by Bellin
Buy: $77.05 CAD
Duluth and Superior City, Minnesota ....Antique  Map, Plan..1892
Buy: $20.28 CAD
Antique World Map by Mortier (1700)
Buy: $1295.65 CAD
Antique Map-ANTWERPEN-BELGIUM-SCHELDT-Guicciardini-1660
Buy: $168.29 CAD
Vintage Europe School Map Pull Down Map 1971
Buy: $451.47 CAD
Chicago, Illinois ....Antique  Map, Plan..1892
Buy: $20.28 CAD
Antique Brass Armilary World Globe Vintage Collectible Gift Item
Buy: $28.25 CAD
SHANGHAI Japanese Antique Map w/Bag 1929 Concessions Panoram Photo China b525
Buy: $878.61 CAD
1844 BEAUTIFUL Huge Color MAP of Modern Italy Gulf of Taranto Elba ATLAS
Buy: $120.44 CAD
1930 WORLD AIR Route Pictorial Map Zeppelin Lindbergh Flight Route SUGOROKU
Buy: $135.16 CAD
Vintage Map - Shell - Map Of Wisconsin
Buy: $12.99 CAD
Atlanta, Georgia ....Antique  Map, Plan..1892
Buy: $20.28 CAD
Antique Map of the German Empire by Le Rouge (1743)
Buy: $245.78 CAD
Memphis, Tennessee ....Antique  Map, Plan..1892
Buy: $20.28 CAD
Earth Ball A globe with no borders
Buy: $76.36 CAD
CHINA Japanese Antique Map w/Bag 1937 2nd Sino-Japanese War Asia Taiwan b558
Buy: $337.93 CAD
Antique 1910 Map Logan Brouillet's Creek Township Illinois IL 7 x 6
Buy: $13.52 CAD
Vintage Brass Armillary Tabletop Marine Sphere World Globe Nautical Decor Globe
Buy: $100.16 CAD
Brass Armillary Antique Marine Sphere Nautical World Globe Table Top decor
Buy: $111.92 CAD