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I tre porcellini - Nicoletta Costa - illustrations by Roberto Calogiuri
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Pine Tree Life Cycle 5 Stages Set Education Plant Specimen in Amber Clear Block
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Full set of natural noble metals (Ru, Rh, Pd, Ag, Os, Ir, Pt, Au)
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I vestiti nuovi dell'imperatore - by Hans Christian Andersen
Buy: $51.07 CAD
mini drafter drafting Survey engineering instrument tool heavy quality w/ cover
Buy: $35.92 CAD
4 Types of Leaf Phyllotaxy Set in Clear Block Education Plant Specimen
Buy: $25.66 CAD
Orrery: Handcrafted Clockwork Solar System, Brass or Semi-Precious Stone Planets
Buy: $1404.67 CAD
Vintage Human Arm Skeleton Biology class demonstration PLASTIC taxidermy
Buy: $53.43 CAD
Buy: $19.23 CAD
Wall Hanging Barometer Thermometer Weather Hygrometer 70MM 960-1060hPa Meter
Buy: $17.95 CAD
Buy: $1024.96 CAD
Rare 1959 antique GLASS SYRINGE 20 ml medical Vintage REUSABLE HYPODERMIC USSR
Buy: $38.42 CAD
Vintage Wood BAROMASTER Barometer,  Thermometer & Hygrometer, Made In France
Buy: $45.00 CAD
9 Alloy Samples Collection Set in Clear Lucite Block Education Specimen Kit
Buy: $32.07 CAD
8 Artificial Material Collection Set Clear Lucite Block Education Specimen Kit
Buy: $32.07 CAD
Io e il mio papà - Georgia Galanti
Buy: $35.83 CAD
5 Glass Samples Collection Set in Clear Lucite Block Education Specimen Kit
Buy: $32.07 CAD
Full Brass Straight Point Tip Nautical Marine Navigation Map Divider
Buy: $19.23 CAD
Biancaneve - Giusi Quarenghi - illustrations by Sophie Fatus
Buy: $48.89 CAD
Phosphorus allotrope Violet Element Sample 0.5 grams  99.999% in New Glass Vials
Buy: $49.22 CAD
2x SOVIET antique GLASS Old medical Syringe 1ml REUSABLE HYPODEMIC Insulin USSR
Buy: $24.36 CAD
1PC Portable Waterproof Miner Headlight Cycling Headlamp Running Head Light
Buy: $50.12 CAD
20PCS Geology Study Mineral Thin Section Prepared Microscope Rock Slides
Buy: $190.50 CAD
Antique Glass Syringe with frame rare medical gift for doctor nurse USSR collect
Buy: $37.14 CAD
RL Vintage USSR Russian Radiation Dosimetric Nuclear Circular Slide Rule
Buy: $38.48 CAD
9" Navigational Compass Solid Brass Proportional Divider Drafting Engineer Tool
Buy: $34.61 CAD
Vintage Antique Brass Double Rotating Wheel Stained Glass Kaleidoscope Handmade
Buy: $39.75 CAD
!!! Russia OLD COMPUTER 1991 Table calculator electronika MK-52 +manual program
Buy: $30.79 CAD
8 Natural Material Collection Set Clear Lucite Block Education Specimen Kit
Buy: $32.07 CAD
5 Plant Leaf Specimen Box Set A in Clear Square Block Education Kit SSDD74S7
Buy: $35.92 CAD
Journal Tintin No 16 Not Salads For Cubitus Good Condition 1983
Buy: $22.97 CAD
Vintage  Surgery Scalpel~vintage gift for Nurses and Doctor's~NOS #24720
Buy: $25.66 CAD
Photo Pattes Chien en Forme De Aimants: I Love My Australien (Australien Berger)
Buy: $11.10 CAD
Bottiglia Attraverso Il'Atlantic, Key-West Florida, per La Cap North Norvegia
Buy: $183.24 CAD
100PCS Human Pathology Microscope Prepared Slides Set Specimen
Buy: $288.63 CAD
Xenon gas ampoule, purity 99.99% element sample
Buy: $36.59 CAD
Human skin Anatomy Model 30* Life Size Human Organ Structure Teaching Model
Buy: $38.36 CAD
POLAND Medical Injection needles 12 pcs for syringes "RECORD"
Buy: $17.96 CAD
Vintage microscope Ernst Leitz Wetzlar N 257055
Buy: $2564.32 CAD
tarot old medicine vintage anatomy surgery antique apothecary maps human medical
Buy: $223.01 CAD
Vintage Toggili Weather House
Buy: $71.95 CAD
28 Rare Metal Elements Foil Set Iridium Palladium Gold in Periodic Element Tiles
Buy: $189.85 CAD
Stereo Microscope 34mm Large Eyepiece Guards Rubber Eyepiece Cover Eye Shields
Buy: $25.64 CAD
Brass Antique Kaleidoscope Collectible Telescope Gift Item
Buy: $23.73 CAD
Thermometre Thermometer human Glass Clinical Medical Large Device fever Measurem
Buy: $12.82 CAD
Journal Spirou No 1703 Glucose For Noémie / With Ciné + Story 1970 Good
Buy: $33.52 CAD
Journal Tintin No 496 Bruce J.Hawker Press Gang Chick Bill 1985 Good Condition
Buy: $21.76 CAD
Vtg Soviet Medical Military Sterilizer Field EDC Survival + Syringe 2ml USSR NOS
Buy: $39.77 CAD
2pcs Eye Cups 34-37MM Foldable Rubber Eye Guards f Microscope Telescope Eyepiece
Buy: $10.13 CAD
7″ Screen 40X-2000X Biological Microscope Sperm Locust Blood Test Microsocpe
Buy: $383.56 CAD
1959 Vintage Soviet Microscope MIR-1M Belomo Countdown microscope
Buy: $152.57 CAD
Health Public, Or Les Amours Black of A Man IN White
Buy: $32.23 CAD
K.K Flip Up Visor No 139410 John Lennon Style Glasses Japan 1960 ORIGINAL
Buy: $250.00 CAD
Overbeck's Rejuvenator Supreme Directions For Use Quack Medical Quackery 1937
Buy: $309.25 CAD
Human Heart Model Anatomical Anatomy Teaching Model Science  Teaching Resources
Buy: $41.05 CAD
Texwipe  :  TX3340 TOC Cleaning Validation Kit for 12 Samples - 1 BOX
Buy: $94.93 CAD
SPUTNIK KALIBR Circular Disk D/S Slide Rule ex-USSR Moscow Russsia 196x - RAREST
Buy: $320.70 CAD
Eaglemoss build Model Solar System Issue #21 Jupiter (no moon) used
Buy: $16.68 CAD
Keuffel & Esser Log Log Vector Slide Rule 4093-3S & Case - Case Damaged
Buy: $57.73 CAD
Vintage German Wall CLOCK RARITY! Barometer TOP SET! PROPELLER! Wood Mid Century
Buy: $499.01 CAD
Kaleidoscope Mizue Kato Dry type Chandelier white gold Japan Artist F/S
Buy: $459.83 CAD
Maplelab Scientific Block Heater For Industrial Laboratory Instrument
Buy: $418.53 CAD
10pcs Optical Glass Prism Science Physics Research Decoration Clothes Decor
Buy: $18.83 CAD
Vintage Soviet Russian Wood Logarithmic Slide Ruler in Case Calculator RARE 1972
Buy: $28.21 CAD
Harry Potter Yule Ball Silver Plated Ticket Limited to 9995 Collectable
Buy: $48.30 CAD
Buy: $640.12 CAD
Students Study Medical Parasitology Slides Parasite Prepared Microscope Slides
Buy: $108.52 CAD
25pcs/set Frog Embryo Prepared Slides Frog Embryology Prepared Slides
Buy: $36.94 CAD
0.1mm 0.01mm Microscope Stage Micrometer Calibration Slide Graduated Scale Slide
Buy: $19.88 CAD
Brass Proportional Divider Scientific Instrument Drafting tool 6 Inches Divider
Buy: $17.96 CAD
10 pcs of 10mg Potassium Metal Element 19 in ampoules, 4N5 purity - 99,995%
Buy: $20.52 CAD
Cotton Medical surgical 100 grams Soviet Russian Vintage USSR
Buy: $21.81 CAD
Buy: $128.27 CAD
Buy: $38.47 CAD
Magasin des Demoiselles (Tome 7 - 44e Year - 1888)
Buy: $68.15 CAD
14*14*87mm Triangular Prism BK7 Optical Prisms Glass Physics Teaching Refracted)
Buy: $6.36 CAD
Vintage Brass Marine Navigation Map Divider Nautical Tools Gift
Buy: $25.64 CAD
RL Vintage USSR Russian Radiation Dosimetric Nuclear Circular Slide Rule case M
Buy: $51.31 CAD
Brass Proportional Drafting Divider Tool 6 Inches Engineer Scientific Divider
Buy: $17.95 CAD
LED retrofit for Older ZEISS AXIOSCOPE
Buy: $205.25 CAD
Mining Artifact Collector Magazine Issue 3 Spring 1989 Lamps Candlestick 38 Pgs
Buy: $25.00 CAD
universal-Engineering instrument Boardmaster--Drafting-Arm--Machine Mini Drafter
Buy: $48.49 CAD
Orrery Solar System Model Steampunk Vintage Planets Art Toy For Teaching
Buy: $874.87 CAD
Collectors Rare Earth Metal Element Set 16 x Clean Metal Samples under argon.
Buy: $288.63 CAD
Humans Anatomical Model Female internal reproduction ovary Fallopian tube uterus
Buy: $51.18 CAD
250 grams 99.99% pure Arc Melted Rhenium Re metal Bead pellet Amazing Value!
Buy: $2121.43 CAD
3-1 Barometer Thermometer Hygrometer Weather Station Air Pressure Humidity Meter
Buy: $25.16 CAD
Brass Pencil Divider Great Item Compass Drafting Tool 8 Inches
Buy: $17.95 CAD
100mm Optical Glass Double Concave Lens Diameter
Buy: $15.18 CAD
33-39mm Rubber Eyepiece Eye Cups Guards for Stereo Microscope Lens 2pcs
Buy: $11.99 CAD
Buy: $44.89 CAD
Kids Educational Prepared Microscope Slides Biological Specimen Learning SL
Buy: $9.58 CAD
Antique Pure Brass Kaleidoscope twist and experience a vibrant light show inside
Buy: $45.80 CAD
Solid Brass Proportional Divider Marine Navigation Compass with Leather Case
Buy: $72.71 CAD
Antique  advertising Travelling Pocket Magnifying Glass  w/   leather case
Buy: $83.38 CAD
100 Grams Chunks of Pure Germanium Metal 99.999% Ge Element Sample Pure Crystal
Buy: $242.45 CAD
2PCS 30mm Eye Cups Rubber Eye Guards for Telescope Microscope Eyepiece
Buy: $7.68 CAD
24PCS Geology Microscope Prepared Slides Mineral Thin Section Slides
Buy: $205.50 CAD
Mongolian Dandelion Flower in 50 mm Clear Cylinder paperweight Plant Specimen
Buy: $28.22 CAD
tarot old medicine vintage anatomy surgery apothecary human medical antique maps
Buy: $220.58 CAD