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antique <br/> toy
Buy: $65.0 CAD
antique <br/> toy
Buy: $120.0 CAD
Viking Large Brass Ship Lantern Hanging Oil Lamp Nautical
$250.0 CAD
Vintage Brass Compass Kelvin & Hughes London 1917 Compass Marine Nautical Style
$42.41 CAD
Small Edwardian Ladies Dressing Table Gold Guilt Brass Picture Frame
Buy: $18.5 CAD
Nautical Maritime Antique Brass Compass In Wooden Box Vintage Steampunk Style
$33.14 CAD
Buy: $34.45 CAD
Antique Astrolabe Brass Sphere Armillary Collectible Nautical Decor /Wooden Base
Buy: $33.8 CAD
Walnut and Birch checkered bowl
Buy: $450.0 CAD
Walnut and Birch checkered bowl woodturned and vintage shiny version 
Buy: $450.0 CAD
antique Civil War era wood with brass inlay campaign lap desk
Buy: $525.0 CAD
Chinese pure brass solid Guanyin Buddha hand pendant
Buy: $5.95 CAD
Chinese old natural jade hand-carved statue dragon pendant 2.4 inch
$0.02 CAD - 1 bid
Beautiful Antique Curved Glass China Cabinet with Stained Glass Details 
$300.0 CAD
Nautical Marine Navigational Astrolabe Instrument Brass Sextant 8" Antique Gift
$91.46 CAD
kenya africa
$250.0 CAD
Collectible England vintage rare floral 1set antique art nouveau majolica tiles
$192.12 CAD
Bahut provençal antique
Buy: $3200.0 CAD
Elegant Silver-Plated Tea Service and Silver Tea Spoons.
$70.0 CAD
Antique Nova Scotia Floral Pressed Glass Covered Butter Dish.
Buy: $55.0 CAD
Hongshan Culture Old jade Carving Sakyamuni Buddha Head Mask Wall hanging Statue
$170.98 CAD
Buy: $42.41 CAD
China fengshui Natural old jade carving Ferocious tiger animal Decoration statue
$662.71 CAD
New old Stock Lane Cedar Chest Trunk Original Limited Edition Vintage Chest
$1247.5 CAD
8" chinese bronze Auspicious bird Symbolize Peace pigeon Dove statue Sculpture
$79.51 CAD
9.6" China Chinese Feng Shui Quack-quack Duck Sculpture incense burner Censer
$258.46 CAD
Chinese Palace Dynasty Bronze Gilt Cloisonne Dragon Statue Brush pot Pencil vase
$79.51 CAD
chinese shoushan stone carved tibetan meditation medicine buddha statue figurine
$596.45 CAD
Chinese Goldfish Handwork Carved Natural Black White Agate Snuff Bottle
$43.73 CAD
7"Old Chinese Buddhism temple Bronze Gilt immortal longevity God Shouxing statue
$170.98 CAD
Great Large Chinese Old Jade Hand Carved *Dragon* Paper Weight P081
$26.5 CAD
chinese antique real jade carved nephrite guan kwan yin buddha statue figurine
$596.45 CAD
Thai Amulet Powerful Magic China coin Wat ChulaMani Talisman Thai Amulet
$1.31 CAD
$357.87 CAD
Chinese jade, liangzhu culture, cong, statue ok3
$76.88 CAD
7.6" China Cloisonne Enamel Copper Feng Shui Dragon Turtle Flower Incense Burner
$324.74 CAD
old Tibetan Buddhism bronze Gilt Sakyamuni Shakyamuni Tathagata Buddha statue
$224.0 CAD
Brass Pocket Calendar Compass Antique Maritime Collectible Gift
Buy: $15.91 CAD
Chinese Handwork Carved Red Agate Brush Washer
$66.26 CAD
8" Old Chinese Hongshan Culture Old Jade Carving Dragon Gou Beast Sculpture
$205.44 CAD
Old Tibet Red Copper Bronze Seat Lotus Wenshu Manjushri Buddha Sword Statue
$112.66 CAD
7" Old Chinese Amber Carving Shakyamuni Amitabha Buddha Jar Sculpture
$205.44 CAD
8" Old China Red Copper Temple 4 arms Chenrezig Buddha Avalokiteshvara Statue
$205.44 CAD
8"  Old Tibet Buddhism Temple Pure bronze Jizo Ksitigarbha monk buddha Statue
$198.8 CAD
Vintage collectible landscape antique art nouveau majolica tile 4pc Japan rare
$237.26 CAD
5" Marked Old China Copper Cloisonne Palace Beautiful Woman Tongzi Pencil Vase
$205.44 CAD
8" Collect Old Chinese Huanghuali Wood Carving Dynasty Palace 2 Drawer Box
$258.46 CAD
4" Rare Old Tibet Temple Buddhism Bronze Mahakala Wrathful Deity Buddha Statue
$59.63 CAD
7.2" Old China White Jade Carving Dynasty Palace Beast Face Incense Burners
$463.91 CAD
5" china buddhism yixing zisha pottery carved happy laugh maitreya buddha statue
$53.0 CAD
unique chinese old boxwood hand carved buddha statue figure
$620.37 CAD
Chinese Hongshan Culture Old jade carved Skeleton Devil Skull death-head statue
$172.3 CAD
Rare Chinese Old Carved Exorcism Skull Head Statue Amulet pendant
$119.28 CAD
Chinese jade dynasty beast motif jade 8#
$222.68 CAD
4" Old China Chinese Lacquerware Carved Dragon Phoenix Lucky Statue Box Boxes
$66.26 CAD
6" Old Chinese Bronze Gild Cloisonne Enamel Animal Bird Statue incense burner
$371.13 CAD
12" Tibet Tibetan Buddhism Temple bronze Gilt Amitabha Sakyamuni Buddha Statue
$265.08 CAD
6.4" Old China Bronze Gilt Buddhism Happy Laugh Maitreya Buddha Statue Censer
$205.44 CAD
ANTIQUE 19th century pepper shaker from Middle-East ( Israël or Persia? )
Buy: $125.92 CAD
Armoire en bois de cerisier
Buy: $7000.0 CAD
4" Tibet Tibetan Coloured Glaze Vajradhara Vajrabhairava Goddess Buddha Statue
$238.58 CAD
Chinese jade dynasty jade 2#
$131.22 CAD
5" Marked Old Chinese Copper Cloisonne Palace Peony Butterfly Brush Pot
$205.44 CAD
china  old Cloisonne Handcarved lovely ox Statue pendant noble decorate
$190.07 CAD
Chinese Boxwood Wood Carved Guan yin Buddhist scriptures book Kwan-yin Statue
$152.43 CAD
Hongshan culture Old Jade Carved Pig Dragon fetus Statue amulet Bracelets bangle
$132.53 CAD
$172.31 CAD
chinese antique real jade carved nephrite happy smile buddha statue old figure
$1166.4 CAD
Certified Exquisite Hand-carved Ginseng  carving hetian jade statue
$66.26 CAD
Antique China Hongshan culture Old jade Skull Skeletons statue amulet Bracelets
$132.53 CAD
old china tibet buddhism Temple bronze Verses lucky statue Incense Burner Censer
$79.53 CAD
Chinese Hongshan culture Old Jade Carved Skeleton Devil Skull death-head Statue
$132.53 CAD
Collect Old Chinese Bronze Man Woman Sexual love Art statue snuff bottle
$53.0 CAD
Old China Fengshui Bronze Wealth Money Golden Toad Statue Incense burner Censer
$92.77 CAD
6"old Chinese Dynasty bronze Cloisonne auspicious Flower Bottle Pot Vase Jar
$51.69 CAD
Old Tibet Buddhism Fane pure bronze Phurpa Vajrapani Mahakala Buddha Statue
$53.0 CAD
10.4" Old China White Jade Carving Dynasty Palace Beast Face Incense Burners
$911.91 CAD
chinese shoushan stone carved elder tree landscape statue old mountain hut hill
$661.4 CAD
Chinese Natural yellow Jade Carving kwan-yin GuanYin Bodhisattva buddha statue
$331.35 CAD
 8" Chinese 100% Natural White Jade phoenix Bird Handle Incense Burner Censer
$263.76 CAD
7" Old Chinese Shoushan Stone Dynasty Palace Dragon Turtle signet seal stamp
$263.76 CAD
12" Old Chinese Bronze Cloisonne Carved Flower Shou Peach sika deer Statue
$396.31 CAD
Chinese Collectible Old Boxwood Carved Naked Belle Half Squat Ornament Statue
Buy: $70.38 CAD
Antique French Porcelain Luncheon Plates-C.H. Pillivuyt & Cie Paris-set of 8
Buy: $150.0 CAD
Excellent Chinese Swan Flower Carved Natural Crystal Snuff Bottle
$62.28 CAD
4" old China Man-made amber carving Skull Skeletons statue
$53.0 CAD
6" China Hongshan Culture Old Jade Carving Sanxingdui Head Snake Sculpture
$165.68 CAD
Excellent Chinese Boy Lotus Flower Carved Natural Crystal Snuff Bottle
$66.26 CAD
Collect Tibet Bronze  24K Gold Exorcism eight treasures plate amulet Pendant
$39.75 CAD
tibetan bronze gold buddha mahakala statue brass charm pendant old tibet amulet
$198.82 CAD
Chinese Exquisite Handmade Carving jadeite jade beads Bracelet certified2520
$64.95 CAD
chinese shoushan stone carved elder tree landscape statue old mountain man hut
$371.13 CAD
6" Chinese Natural Shoushan Stone Carving Mermaid Sea-maid Ornament Statue
$528.85 CAD
Chinese natural jade hand carved beast motif dynasty jade 11#
$170.98 CAD
8" China Buddhism Bronze gilt station Kwan-Yin Guanyin Bodhisattva buddha statue
$384.38 CAD
Antique Nature Chinese Hetian Jade Manual Sculpture Bat Statue Pendant F
$26.47 CAD
Chinese Exquisite Handmade Carving jadeite jade beads Bracelet certified2547
$66.26 CAD
Chinese Exquisite Handmade Carving jadeite jade beads Bracelet certified2521
$66.26 CAD
8" Old China White Jade Carving Dynasty Palace Maitreya Buddha Bag Statue
$263.76 CAD
5.6 China Afghanistan White Jade Carving Feng Shui Dragon Turtle Tortoise Statue
$324.74 CAD